Gel Tint Brows by Tony Moly


Hey K-beauty fans,

Today we are reviewing the Gel Tint Brows by Tony Moly above. 

What the product is:

     The Tony Moly Gel Tint Brows is a gel brow dye that last for 24 hours or more. The box says "The long-lasting gel tint brow dyes the eyelashes(?) with a natural color as it gently applies on the Eyelashes(?) Strong, lasting coloring." What this means is the gel is long-lasting and gently dyes the eyebrows a natural color. The directions say to first trim and pluck the eyebrows to a desired shape and without putting on any skincare apply a generous amount of product to the eyebrow. After let the gel sit for at least 2 hours then remove the dried gel starting from the tail of the eyebrow. 


     We did a little research ourselves before applying the product and most bloggers recommend leaving the gel on overnight before going to bed to get a lasting effect. So that is exactly what we did. After cleansing my face with both an oil and water-based cleanser I brushed out my eyebrows and then applied the Gel Tint Eyebrows in 01 Dark Brown (you can see the application in the video we've posted below).



When the gel was set, about 20 minutes, I then applied my skincare and went to bed. The next morning I slowly peeled off the gel from the tail of my eyebrows. The video below show the removal.


Here are the before and after pictures as well. 







    The product definitely did give a natural stain to my eyebrows. The stain made my brows appear more full. The dye lasted over 40 hours but lost its brown tint during the second day after application and changed to a more light brown. It's long-lasting aspect makes for a very convenient product. Only one mindless application before bed and your eyebrows are filled for the next 40+ hours. Overall this product does almost exactly what it advertises. It fills in the brows with a natural appearing tint but the tint itself is a lighter than the advertised color. It also removed a few eyebrow hairs, as you can view in the video above.